access, convenience, security

Give your members access to information in a secure and private area. Through a personalized login your members can see relevant and timely updates meant only for them. One portal, connected.

Member Hub is developed and maintained by Union Digital.

MRM Integration

Notify your members of urgent updates in the Member Portal when posting from Union 1.

Member Groups

Send out customized notifications and content to segments of your membership.

Easily publish content for your members across the Union 1 Platform. One platform, connected. Organize your information and resources for easy access. All content, connected.

CMS menu

Easily manage the menu items to give your members the quickest access to important information.

CMS posts

Easily publish content for your members to access in the Members’ Portal and Member App.

Built-In editor (WYSIWYG editor) to design your post (text formatting, image and document upload).

CMS categories

Customize your information categories to easily organize news, forms, documents, and resources for your members to access.

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